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Meeri Moilanen

The name Botany Squared comes from my belief that our skin can be elevated by placing botanical ingredients in the spotlight of our products. Not as the sugar on top, but as the star of the show. Doing so makes our skincare exponentially more effective and our beauty more natural.

Botanical oils are the basis of our products and finding the superior combinations is what I love doing for you. This allows the product to sink right in. I never scent my products, so that your skin is not irritated and you can smell the nature on your skin. I have handpicked every ingredient, and my sincerest hope is that you will feel my love and dedication when using the products.

Botany Squared is what I use on my own skin and what really works for me. It is safe, simple and effective and has made my skincare routine stress-free. It is my response to the complicated and ultimately ineffective routines I've tried over the years.

Relying on organic, cold-pressed botanical oils that hold within them the light and nutrients of the sun, we now make and bottle all of that for you here in the UK. I hope you love what I've created and find yourself looking forward to the simplicity of it all, getting the skin you always wanted.