Jojoba Oil
anti-inflammatory, helps repair skin affected by eczema and acne, anti-ageing
Sunflower Seed Oil
increases skin hydration, enhances skin barrier repair, chemopreventive
Rosehip Oil
protection against inflammation and oxidative stress, eczema relief
Evening Primrose Oil
improves skin moisture, anti-inflammatory, improving lipid barrier
Argan Oil
improves skin elasticity, skin hydration, used for infection treatment, softens and relaxes skin, soothing after inflammation
Calendula Flower Oil
antioxidant, soothing, good for sensitive and irritated skin
Sea Buckthorn Oil
skin regeneration and repair, improves circulation, removes toxins, inhibits ageing, reduces inflammation and infections, strengthens lipid barrier, unblocks pores and limits blackheads, antioxidant, anti-ageing, firms, tones, evens out wrinkles, improves skin tone
Black Cumin Seed Oil
anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial
Cranberry Seed Oil
wound-healing properties, high in antioxidants
Raspberry Seed Oil
anti-inflammatory, eczema relief
Borage Seed Oil
normalise skin barrier, improve hydration