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Botany Squared Belief



Multi-purpose beauty.  We think that your skincare and beauty routines should be simple and not require tens of products. That's why we are focusing on creating very high quality products that you can use for multiple purposes, to keep your beauty routine simple yet effective. This also means less waste for the environment, something that we feel passionate about.

Smell the ingredients. We see a lot of natural beauty companies removing synthetic fragrances in favour of essential oils. While many of these are used to great effect in aromatherapy, they can irritate skin and cause allergies when used in high quantities, and we felt that a daily dose in your skincare was too high. Our products smell like what they are made of. They are filled with beautiful botanical oils that do not need to be supplemented with additional fragrance, we want you to smell the nature that is in them.

Let your skin exhale. When you use Botany Squared, your skin glows in response. We believe that using harsh exfoliating and peeling treatments, expensive and invasive treatments, heavy make-up and creams can leave your skin vulnerable. And while there's nothing wrong with occasionally giving yourself a treat in the hands of a professional, indulging on a regular basis can become a difficult habit to break that may harm your skin in the long-run. We are hoping to give your skin a chance to exhale, to release the tension and to allow its natural beauty to come out. To make you feel that there is nothing more to hide. Whittling down your routine to a few selected, super products to get you back to your own, barefaced beauty.

Made in the UK. Our products are designed, tested, and made in the United Kingdom. We want you to have the absolute best quality we can offer and don’t take shortcuts or compromise ingredients for the sake of mass production. This is our highest priority and we will stay true to this as we grow. Our products are also certified organic by the UK's Soil Association, the highest standard of organic certification, which guarantees that the ingredients and processes that go into the preparation of our products are truly organic and sustainable.


Soil Association certifiied organic