We make problematic skin simpler. Simpler and stress-free.

A few high quality products, a couple of minutes, and that's it. Great skin that speaks for itself.

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Your skin glows in response. We believe that sensitised skin needs to recover its strength to allow its natural beauty to come out. To make you feel that there is nothing more to hide. Whittling down your routine to a few selected, extraordinary products to get you back to barefaced beauty.

what we believe in

made in the uk

Designed, tested, and made in the United Kingdom. We want you to have the absolute best quality we can offer and don’t take shortcuts or compromise ingredients for the sake of mass production. This is our highest priority for always. 

100% fragrance-free

Our products smell like the ingredients they are made of. They are filled with potent botanical oils that do not need to be supplemented with additional fragrance or essential oils, so go ahead, smell the nature that is in them.

organic and sustainable

Certified organic by the UK's Soil Association, the highest standard of organic certification, which guarantees that the ingredients and processes that go into the preparation of our products are truly organic and sustainable.

meet the founder

“I wanted good skin, but I didn't want my whole life to revolve around it”

My bathroom cabinet had 8-9 products on constant rotation for my oily and sometimes acneic skin. None of them were ever repeat bought because over time, they always started doing more harm than good to my skin. So I decided to start formulate my own damn products that I could use for life. That is where Botany Squared was born.

I want to help adult women fix their problematic skin by stripping back their routine. Adult women just like me, who can't go around looking like teenagers any longer. And that is what our products do.

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Let’s raise the bar / Let’s refuse to settle / Look up / With an open face / And know that you are just like them. / If we’re really all created beautiful / Why are we hiding? / Our faces or skin don’t define us. / Our stories do. / We get to choose what we want / What we do / What we put on this skin we’re in / Introvert or extrovert / Smiling or pensive / Take the days as it comes / Just as you are.


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