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Natural Cleanser for Oily Skin

oil cleansing method

See how to make it here:

I have fallen in love with cleansing my face with oil and in this video I show you how I do it. I've prepared one of my favourite recipes for you which includes rice bran oil, camellia tea oil and meadowfoam oil, and is a light weight oil that is suitable for oily skin. This is how I ultimately got rid of my acne and oily skin, I highly recommend you try it to see if you can achieve the same!


20% castor oil

30% rice bran oil

40% camellia tea oil

10% meadowfoam seed oil

Blend all four oils in a bottle and shake to mix. Apply a small amount to your hands and spread across face, massaging as you go. Once your face is fully coated, place a warm, wet towel or muslin cloth on your face for up to 30 seconds to steam your skin and open up pores. Wipe off oil with cloth and enjoy your clean and soft skin!

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