Are Modern Lifestyles Creating Our Acne?

Many of us had acne in our teenage years - it was almost to be expected. But if you’re over 25 and still suffering, you are in the increasingly large contingent of women who still have acne into adult age. So why is adult acne getting more common, particularly for women?

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What The F is Vitamin F?

Among the most well-known vitamins of this world - A, C, D or K - there is one secret little sister, vitamin F, which has superpowers for skincare but barely anyone knows of it yet. We think it's just a matter of time before that happens, but in the mean time, what exactly is it? 

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Why Should I Care About My Skin pH?

You may have heard about your skin's pH, or at least remember the concept of pH from chemistry class, and the fact that it should be balanced. I remember seeing ads for a skin care lotion when I was younger that always talked about the optimal skin pH, but don't remember understanding too much about it.

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Why Can't I Stop Squeezing My Skin?

There's just something about that vanity mirror that allows even the tiniest little spots to appear huge. Whoever invented it, must have been employed by the beauty industry and known that that mirror by itself could sell thousands of pounds worth of beauty products.

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Does Chocolate Cause Oily Skin and Acne?

The regular consumption of dairy (and in particular low-fat dairy which has been shown to have an even greater impact on sebum production than full-fat dairy) leads to higher insulin and IGF-1 hormone levels and more problems with oiliness and acne.

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