Is A Wrinkle-Free Face Even Possible?

wrinkles are caused by lack o collagen

One of the oldest questions women have been asking theirselves is how to maintain a younger looking skin and stop the wrinkles. As we hit our late 20s, we start to wake up to slightly crinkly skin more and more often and panic. Has it BEGUN?

Will my life from here on out be accompanied by a constant background prattle of anti-ageing or not anti-ageing? Not necessarily.

First of all, what are wrinkles?

At its core, wrinkles are skin folds. The dermis (the middle of three layers in our skin) is composed of collagen and elastin strands which are responsible for the elasticity of our skin, but as we get older these strands begin to loosen and unravel. This makes the dermis uneven and allows the epidermis (the top layer of our skin) to "sink into the creases" in what are generously called smile lines (mouth), 11s (brow) and eye crinkles (obvious no?).

Simultaneously to this, as our skin ages, its ability to maintain a strong barrier, hold on to water and to heal itself become weaker as the collagen and elastin-producing processes just get a bit tired.

wrinkles caused by tanning and pollution

Why is this happening to me?

While all of these processes are natural and happen to everyone, they can be accelerated by lifestyle factors which we are all guilty of. Too much tanning time in the South of France, London's (or any other city for that matter) polluted air, puffing away at a ciggie and even just the fact of having an expressive face! How's that for unfair?

And while preventing wrinkles is much more tied to genetics than any single skincare regime you can partake of (apart from cosmetic surgery) - we aren't completely at the mercy of fate and genes.

So what helps?

Given one of the main things that influence skin ageing is exposure to sunlight and UV light, applying sunscreen consistently is skin saviour #1. This, and wearing protective clothing like hats and sleeves will help to stop UV light from breaking down your skin's elastin and collagen prematurely and help you maintain that baby's bottom for as long as possible.

Skin saviours #2 and #3 are making sure that your skin is properly hydrated and is able to retain that moisture. So applying a hyaluronic acid or glycerin-based product to attract more water to your skin on a daily basis, and then locking it in with a high quality oil will ensure that your skin looks as plump as possible, while helping it to build a strong barrier to keep all that good stuff in for the long-term. So that those mornings look just a tad less grim.

A final thing to consider (skin saviour #4 shall we say?) are retinols. They have been shown to be effective in stimulating the production of collagen in our skin and thus helping to fight the wrinkle fight.

As retinols can be pretty strong and leave you feeling a bit raw in the face - an effective but gentler option is using a plant oil rich in vitamin A (what retinol is a form of) such as rosehip oil to help with that collagen production. Our Hydroburst oil is and does just that.


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