How To Master Skincare in Your 30s,
40s and 50s

Moving past our 20s is probably one of the greatest pleasures of life. We get to think less about what others want us to do and more about what we want to do. Less about what's trending and more about what's stylish. Less about the hype and more about the substance. But unfortunately often also less about the skincare-free nights and more about preserving our skin for the long-term.

But as many of us initially builds our routines and habits in our 20s, we sometimes become stuck in our ways and find ourselves in our 30s and further, but with habits that are stuck a decade behind us. So how do you bring your routine forward to meet your age? Luckily it's not as hard as women's magazines sometimes make it appear - here are a few of our favourite tricks, gleaned from the pros:

1. Reduce the number of products you are using.
Each additional step in your skincare routine causes small disturbances to your skin and ups the risk of eczema, acne, rosacea, dryness etc.

2. Use an oil-based cleanser that will not dry out skin excessively.
Skin tends to get drier as we age due to hormonal changes and oil cleansers help to maintain moisture levels.

3. Introduce a regular face workout routine.
As we age, our facial muscles become weaker, but a regular facial yoga routine will strengthen them in a few minutes daily.

4.  Use cream based cosmetics instead of powder-based.
Skin develops texture as it ages and powder-based cosmetics settle in those grooves making them appear more visible.

5. Use a lightweight facial oil to moisturise your skin before applying makeup.
A well moisturised base is key to making your skin appear dewy and makeup to settle well.

Although these may seem basic, it made a huge difference for us and will make a huge difference for you, we hope. Just because our skin is getting a bit older, it doesn't mean we now have to triple the amount of products and procedures that we apply on it, as some beauty people would have us believe. Your skin is beautiful in its natural state and these tips are just about letting that natural beauty come through and not be bogged down with extra layers. Be proud of those fine lines, you've earned each and every one of them!

Is there a women who hasn't gone to do her skincare after a long day and just said "screw it" instead and gone straight to bed? With skincare routines so long these days, sometimes it's just easier to skip it all.

That is where the philosophy of Botany Squared started - simplicity is key and less is more. We are busy women with stuff to do and lives to lead outside the bathroom. We've exited our insecure teens and 20s, and just want something that works on our skin with less time needed.

Just a few, effective products we love and that's it. That is why I, the founder of Botany Squared, started this company - to create products that are backed by skin science and allow you to stop the "damage and repair" cycle so many skin care routines subject us to. To get results squared.

We are stripping back the number of products you use and helping you declutter your bathroom in the process.

At Botany Squared we believe that less is more when it comes to our skin. Maintain a healthy skin microbiome and skincare is simple. 

Hydroburst Hydrating Face Oil - BOTANY SQUARED
Hydroburst Hydrating Face Oil - BOTANY SQUARED
Hydroburst Hydrating Face Oil - BOTANY SQUARED
Hydroburst Hydrating Face Oil - BOTANY SQUARED
Hydroburst Hydrating Face Oil - BOTANY SQUARED
Hydroburst Hydrating Face Oil - BOTANY SQUARED

Hydroburst Hydrating Face Oil



Our best-seller, one-step solution that lets you replace the serums and moisturisers (but still get the benefits). 

skin repair with antioxidants

repairs skin overnight

Potently antioxidant to fight the free radicals produced by exposure to pollution and stress.

icon image

smoothes wrinkles with vitamin f

Vitamin F provides our skin with the essential fatty acids it needs but cannot produce to maintain its smoothness and fill out finer wrinkles.

icon image

plumps skin from within

Highest quality oils that build your skin barrier while you sleep in order to create the strongest possible shield and reduce water loss from your skin.

icon image

glowing skin for days

High levels of linoleic acid and alpha-linolenic acid that boost your skin's natural glow over time without creating a greasy look.

"For years I have suffered with redness on my face during the menopause. No amount of money spent on oils and creams have helped until my friend recommended Hydroburst. My skin looks and feels so much better"

- JOANNE, 50

"My skin loves this oil. It gives my face a smooth and fresh feeling, perfect product for a sensitive skin. It has eased my skincare - just one product on mornings and evenings. Love this oil 🙂 "

- EMMA, 49

"Amazing product 11/10 recommend.
It makes my skin very smooth and is very soothing to my skin. After taking off my make-up, sometimes my skin gets a little sensitive and it sure does calm it down. Definitely recommend!"

- KAT, 37

"a godsend for people with problematic skin"

stronger skin 100% guaranteed or your money back.

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